Avalanche Awareness

Key Points

How to plan a winter journey

How to avoid avalanche areas

Understanding avalanche terrain and conditions


£80 per person per day based on a group of 4

1:1 Tuition available at £230 per day

Dates by arrangement


As all winter days are tailor-made, please contact us by telephone:

07849 548821

or email:


Avalanche Awareness

avalanche slopeQ: What is the best way to survive an avalanche?

A: Don’t get caught in one in the first place!

90% of people who get caught in an avalanche trigger it themselves. This training will help you to understand what causes avalanches and how to avoid finding yourself on an avalanche-prone slope.

What To Expect

Understanding weather and avalanche forecasts

Understanding avalanche terrain

Safe route choice

Introduction to snow stability tests and understanding their limitations

Introduction to avalanche rescue equipment

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